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    I am attempting to run 2 wordpress installations from the same site. The first installation, running in the root directory, works fine. The 2nd is running under a different domain name, and points to a subdirectory. BOTH INSTALLATIONS ARE WP 2.7.

    The media icons are missing from the quickpress section of the dashboard and from add new post, edit post, add new page, and edit page. Oddly, even the WordPress icon is even missing from the upper left corner of every page.

    I’ve reinstalled WordPress multiple times, both with Fantastico and manually. I have:

    * checked for (and added) missing graphics in the wp-admin/images folder.

    * cleared cache multiple times and forced a reload multiple times.

    * enabled and disabled the visual editor numerous times, to no avail.

    * checked for missing *.js files in wp-includes/js/jquery. (In an earlier Fantastico installation, some were missing. Replacing them did not help. They were not missing from the manual installation.)

    I can duplicate the problem in IE7 and Google Chrome. My ISP’s help support tried to troubleshoot using my login and password and reported, “I see the same issue using chrome under vista, but not with firefox under vista and linux. There isn’t anything we can really do regarding this.” However, since the problem also occurs with IE7, it’s not strictly a Chrome issue.

    It’s not impossible to use WordPress without these images, but it is difficult. And I’m reluctant to customize my theme. Help, please.


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  • aaarrrggghhh. Thanks for your help, though. If you’ve read through the first 2 posts in this thread, @kay and I have jumped through every hoop that anyone has suggested for problems that seem to be remotely similar.

    @kay, are you using Windows XP, Vista, or something else?

    @ samboll,

    thanks for your quick reply..

    I am newone @wordpress
    I have deleted my databases, deleted both blogs & reinstalled database aswell as blog..[only 1]
    still the same problem..




    my last shared host was a small orange. Their servers are set up properly for wordpress.

    kay9 and bonnie, you both fail to elaborate on what “missing” means..

    … missing WP logo on login-php page AND EVERY PAGE, actually

    Its not displaying, thats fine – I want to know where wordpress thinks it ought to be. There’s still urls attached to things that dont display.

    @whoami, I guess we have a semantic problem. I don’t know what other words @kay and I can use besides icons and graphics. Specifically, to recap our first posts:

    – the WordPress logo graphic is missing from every page. That’s not a usability issue, but it should be a clue to someone

    – the media icons are missing from the write and edit pages and the quickpress box on the dashboard page. The standard “missing graphic” symbol appears in place of each, so I have to rely on hover tips to tell me if I’m clicking on the right button. This is a usability issue

    – the theme thumbnails are missing, which would be a usability issue if I had not already chosen a theme.

    – The problems persist whether I use Chrome or IE7; my system is Windows XP. My ISP’s Help Support recreated the problem with Chrome under Vista, but the problems do not exist with Firefox under Vista and Linux. (For some reason my computer won’t run Firefox, or I would have already tried that.)

    – These things only happen on our second (newest) installations. The first installations are fine.

    I think we have pretty thoroughly documented our attempts to fix the problem.

    Not that I can add much here, but can say that on three domains at ASO, I am having no problems with the logos, media icons (both in quickpress or edit posts), or theme thumbnails, using WordPress 2.7, with Firefox3.0.5 or IE6 on XP workstation.

    Did not use Fantastico on any domain and using different databases for each domain.

    Each blog is accessed with and index.php file in the domain’s root folder, with the WordPress files in their own directory. Folder structure:
    domain1 public_html/wordpress
    domain2 public_html/domain2folder/wordpress (add-on domain)
    domain3 public_html/domain3folder/wordpress (add-on domain)

    I don’t suppose clearing your browser cache, deleting cookies for all your domains at ASO, and first accessing one of those problem domains, makes a difference?



    Thanks for the heads up about the contact form. Broken plugin, and my attempts to upload new version are taking forever.

    I can already see a difference. Neither the installation that works, nor the installation that doesn’t are in in wordpress folders. Let me try deleting the installation that isn’t working, and reinstall with a structure like you have.

    If problem continues, and I can get this plugin uploaded, I’ll let you know.

    Thank you for your offer and assistance so far.

    I forgot to add, clearing the cache and deleting cookies did not work before, but I will try it again before reinstalling.


    Bonnie — try adding your new addon’s domain name to your hotlink protection thingy in the cPanel. Worked for me!

    Add it with and without the www.

    Oh God I hope I’m not too late for Bonnie.

    Bonnie! Are you reinstalling? Wait! Wait!

    I got your message. will try that now. Thanks, kay9

    Bingo! PROBLEM SOLVED! I don’t know how you figured this out, but I’m hoping something we documented here will get picked up by the search engines for other people.

    Bonnie: I can’t take credit. I opened a help ticket with my OUTSTANDING hosting service and, as usual, they responded with the correct solution in about 1 minute and 30 seconds. I LOVE THEM.

    Marking this as resolved,

    @kay9, could you tell us your host company name. Thanks.

    Michael — happy to! Hosting Matters.

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