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[Resolved] Missing header images on subsites after update to 3.5.1

  • Apologies if this has been dealt with already, but I’ve only just managed to ‘clone’ my live site, so that I could perform and test the update (from 3.4.2) to 3.5.1.

    (My test site was a clone of the live site, with the MySQL data exported with all ‘livesite.domain.com’ strings replaced with ‘testsite.domain.com’.)

    Most, if not everything, seemed to have updated OK, except header images that subsite admins have used in their blog themes.

    Anyone got any ideas what has gone wrong here and how to fix this?

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  • We don’t have enough information to debug this.

    What URL are the images giving you?

    None! They just don’t appear – as if they are not set.

    The header images I am talking about are the ones the admins are setting in the theme’s Appearance Header options.

    Looks like ‘used the uploaded image’ option is not checked as it should.

    (Maybe it is the cloning and renaming process that is causing this. Although, I would have thought a search and replace of all strings ‘livesite’ to ‘testsite’ would have also re-pointed the header images set this way..?)

    None doesn’t make sense in this situation.

    Did you view page source and look to see what the header shows as?

    (I remember, no it is not related to the clone, once the clone was setup, all header images were just fine. I verified that the clone was working in exactly the same way as the live site before upgrading.)

    The header image(s) have reverted to whatever the default for that theme. For example a subsite using the Twenty Ten theme, has uploaded two images and have selected selected one of them to show.

    Inspecting the page source say:

    <img src="http://subsite.testsite.domain.com/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers/path.jpg" width="940" height="198" alt="">

    Which shows the default Twenty Ten ‘country lane’ image. If I go into the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Header, none of the check buttons against any header image option is checked.

    That’s what you should see if you don’t have anything checked (that theme defaults to show something).

    You’re contradicting yourself. You say that a subsite has two uploaded images and you’ve selected one to show, but they you say if you go and look in the Dashboard, NOTHING is selected. Can’t be both.

    I mean, on the live site, one of the uploaded images is set to show and is showing. On the (test) upgraded site, nothing is checked to show. I am comparing the live against to test to see what has happened after the update to 3.5.1.

    I have found another issue after the update, not just the header images, and this again is under the theme’s appearance. It is the ‘Theme Location’ under the Menus options.

    Somehow the update does not keep some of the theme options for subsites… This is not a great issue for me personally, as my multisite only has a few subsites (which will need adjusting), but I can see for larger sites with lots of subsites, then it is going to be a hassle going into each subsite and setting some of the theme options, after an update…

    It seems a serialized data issue.

    PHP Serialization Fix for WordPress Migrations (& other applications like Expression Engine)

    You can try to change the lenght of the test domain in order to be the same lenght that the live domain.

    (I had a similar issue, and I solved it when I changed the domain lenght in my test environment)


    That’s why we use that interconnect script and even linked to it in the directions 😉


    Good catch!

    I don’t think my domain has changed. My live site is ‘wp.mydomain.com’ and my test site is ‘wptest.mydomain.com’.

    Unless we are saying that the whole of string ‘wp.mydomain.com’ is the domain, then ‘wptest.mydomain.com’ IS different and therefore is changed.

    Unless we are saying that the whole of string ‘wp.mydomain.com’ is the domain, then ‘wptest.mydomain.com’ IS different and therefore is changed.

    That is exactly what we’re saying 🙂

    Just to update. I finally upgraded WordPress MS to 3.5.1 today.

    The missing header images issue was non-present, so it must have been caused by the serialized data due to the change of domain name.

    However, I did experience one weird issue, and this being one of the subsites got marked as ‘deleted’, to which I had to ‘restore’. After undeleting, the subsite had no admins, so I had to re-add them!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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