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  • Hello, the plugin is missing from the Plugin Directory and can’t find and install it in WordPress.

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  • Micheal!

    What’s going on? Problems? … no sound for a week now.

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    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Why is it not on WordPress anymore?
    Going to Github is not convenient:
    – nobody see your plugin
    – no automatic update

    I agree with Ideschenes and Vlad. Having paid for the edit functionality I am now concerned that it is going to make it difficult to keep the plugin updated.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    You can keep the plugin updated by installing the GitHub updated plugin.


    I do not understand why you made that change. Maybe you could (should) explain.

    In removing your plugin from WordPress:
    – Your plugin will not be found by people searching for plugins
    – Less selling of the edit extention
    – The update process has to be taken care off (when automatic on WordPress)
    – Less secure as people will not update (as most would not be aware)
    – It breaks the automatic update process of Jetpack
    – Not sure if it will be handled by securities plugins like Wordfence

    As far as I am concern, I am desapointed of your move. I use 64 plugins and yours are the only 2 that I would have to do something special to keep them updated!. Your Edit Extention is one of the only one I paid for I did not expect you to make such a move.

    I am sure I am not the only one that would feel that way. Your users may not have reacted yet as they are not aware but you are going to make many many people unhappy.

    Micheal, I like your plugin and you have always given an excellent support, please get your plugin back on WordPress for the benefit of your users community.



    Removing it from WordPress repository raises questions as to why. WordPress has strict guidelines as to what is allowed in their repository:

    Taking this plugin out of the repository allows the developer to bypass these guidelines. I’ve used this plugin in the past and have loved it but will not trust the code anymore due to this very reason. Github has no such guidelines as to what is allowed there.

    This is really a concern to me also. I feel very uneasy using something that is no longer available on WordPress. Not withstanding a credible explianation, I’m looking elsewhere for a solution. I use the plugin extensively but it’s just too suspicious.

    Just found this tread that explain it all

    I really sympathize with you. Keep up the good work. Hope you could get your plugin back on WordPress directory soon.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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