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    This is just a minor annoyance more than anything, but figured I’d ask if anyone could help.

    Viewing my Dashboard, the recent comments area, none of my comments have a name.

    For instance they just look like:
    From on Mix of the Moment-Dr. Dre 1986 Mixtape! # [Pending]

    And the source code looks like:
    From <cite class="comment-author"><a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'></a></cite> on <a href=''>Mix of the Moment-Dr. Dre 1986 Mixtape!</a> <a class="comment-link" href="">#</a> <span class="approve">[Pending]</span>

    The name shows up fine on the actual comment, just not here

    It’s not theme or plugin related, I’ve gone through that….. Any ideas?

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  • Re-upload wp-includes?
    Push the memory up a bit?
    Check & repair the db?

    I can try wp-includes, but the problem started at 3.0 and persisted with 3.0.1, which did replace that directory

    I have my memory waaaay up ridiculously high

    DB has been repaired and optimized monthly, but I’ll do that again now for fun!!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Anything useful in your error logs?

    No luck with repairing DB

    error logs are completely empty

    I wonder if it’s a PHP version issue? What version of PHP are you running? I’m not seeing any problems on a local install running 5.3.0 or running 5.2.13

    I’m on 5.2.8 I don’t think that’s changed since I was on 2.9.2 WP and the From worked

    Going to see if I can get some more eyes on this…

    Is the information actually there in the database for the comment names? Is it comments by a specific author?

    Moderator James Huff


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    Can you make a fresh WP 3.0.1 installation in a subdirectory and see if that has the same problem?

    Any plugins installed that could possibly be running a filter on get_comment_author_link or get_comment_author?

    Let’s see, it’s all comments…. even my own

    I think the names would be in the database properly, as the names do show up on the actual comments just fine, all properly linked and everything. Just not on the dash widget

    I just went into my other blog and posted a comment, the name appears just fine there. It’s a subdirectory under my main site

    I don’t think its plugins as I tested before with all plugins deactivated. Let me try agaain resetting everything

    I really thought it could be theme related…as I use a lot of custom cb comment stuff, but alas, its definitely not. Tried the 3.0.1 version of twentyten theme with no luck

    Ah-hah! After a plugin reset, it is a plugin….sorry guys, I shoulda been more thorough!

    RPX was the culprit

    Which is fine, it doesn’t work in IE, and was killing my simple:press forum sometimes…. I’m better off without I guess

    Note to self….reset plugins

    I checked the plugin above and it does run a filter on get_comment_author with the following right at the start of the callback function..

    function rpx_get_comment_author_filter($a) {
      if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'wp-admin')) {

    It’s no wonder the comments show up blank in the admin, the filter is returning nothing when it’s the admin (the filter does get run admin side to), silly plugin author… 🙂

    He should simply return the data…

    function rpx_get_comment_author_filter($a) {
      if ( is_admin() ) {
        return $a;


    thanks for that! Now that I’ve got the plugin running again….. I’ll probably have to keep updating that code, since the author doesn’t seem to support to well

    At least now people can sign into my site helf the time! 😉
    (since it no worky in IE)

    The code snippet is much appreciated!

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