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  • So I’ve tried multiple themes and all failed at displaying anything except bare bones text. so here I am trying one of the default themes to show you what happens.

    mywebsite :

    1st I install the 2012 wordpress theme.

    Downloading install package from…
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    Successfully installed the theme Twenty Twelve 1.1.

    then I click the activate button

    now when I am in the next screen, the “manage themes page” next to my current them where there should be a preview for the theme or a picture, there is just the broken link/image symbol. all of the themes do that.

    I have double and triple check the permissions on all the wordpress folders of my LAMP server. and the user and group are all set to www-data, where as before the user was set to www-data and the group was set to root, oddly these options didn’t have any change the display of the sight.. help is much appreciated, this is my first time building a server or running a website, but I’m catching on quickly.

    oh and I also check the phpmyadmin page and the permission for the wordpress account are set up the way people on the internet say.

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