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  • I just installed 2.1 from scratch, using Fantastico. In the “write posts” page, I have buttons on the right labeled “Discussion” and so on, but the fields corresponding to the buttons are missing. This means I can’t turn comments on or off or edit a timestamp, among other things.

    The fields are there in the “write page” page.

    It’s not browser-specific. I have no plugins (I deleted them). I know my includes and admin directories are not corrupted because I installed fresh copies from a working 2.1 blog. It’s not an “enable WYSIWYG” problem; my editing buttons are (finally) showing.

    Clearing cache makes no difference. Restarting the browsers makes no difference. It’s not the “tinymce” patch problem.

    I’ve searched the forum pretty well, so please don’t suggest the obvious. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Browsers: latest IE & Firefox. OS: XP Professional

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  • Here is more. In Firefox, the fields show in “write pages” but not in “write posts.” In IE, they don’t show at all.

    Also, it’s not the “www” problem.

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