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  • Missing field “id” in Breadcrumbs on Google Search Console
    205 products are showing as having missing ID whereas 270 products are totally fine. It’s just came up yesterday and I haven’t seen this error before. WHat is wrong? I’ve attached a link to one product that is showing this. Thanks

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sorry but i read all but i don´t undersdand the “real and working” soluce for that.(i try some of this threads but nothing… google don´t understand the breadcrumbs = miss always ‘itemListElement’)

    Someone can explain and paste the real solution and explain where paste it exactly.

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    This is working for me (at least for now) :

    Template :

    <span property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem">
    <a property="item" typeof="WebPage" title="Aller à %title%." href="%link%" class="%type%">
    <span property="name">%htitle%</span>
    <meta property="position" content="%position%"></span>

    Template (Unlinked) :
    <span property="name" class="%type%">%htitle%</span>

    @anna-webdesign @rom174 So this is a code thing? Looks like I am going to have to contact my web designer for this. Please explain to me exactly what I am going to need for them to do. Thank you!

    It’s not a “code thing” if you’re taking about theme or plugin code. It is a setting in Breadcrumb NavXT.

    @adrianb I do not know what you are talking about. Is “Breadcrumb NavXT” a plugin? I have never heard of it.

    @trishak Yes, Breadcrumb NavXT is a plugin and this is the support forum for that plugin. Scroll to the top and see for yourself.

    @adrianb please be more patient! There are thousands of topics and this is what came up when I searched for help for google search console about the warning I am receiving “Missing field “id” in Breadcrumbs on Google Search Console”. Still not sure this plugin will help anyway. Thanks!

    @trishak I understand that you found this by Google, but since this is a forum specifically for support questions regarding the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin it is not unreasonable to assume that people are actually aware of it, right?

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    @lewisray: Since everyone’s situation boils down to one or two things that they need to do, I am not feeling it necessary to reply to every single comment in this topic. The setting value that @rom174 is suggesting probably works the best for now, or if you have not ever set any of the Breadcrumb NavXT settings, you can do a reset (under the Help tab), which will load the default settings, which will not have this issue (as of 6.2.0 and later).

    @kiam123: For what you’re showing, it looks like your template settings are a bit amiss/very old (assuming you are using Breadcrumb NavXT). Have you changed any of the settings? If not, I suggest doing a settings reset (as long as you are using Breadcrumb NavXT 6.2.0 or newer) by visiting the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page, clicking on the Help tab, and then navigating to the “Import/Export/Reset” form in the left side menu of the help drop down, finally press the “Reset” button.

    I can not fix the issue since i do not know coding. I use page builder and plugins.

    – I got almost all my pages affected and troubled code is this one: <span itemprop="item"><span itemprop="name">Şarap bozulur mu? Şarap açıldıktan sonra kaç günde tüketilmeli?</span></span>

    – One of the pages affected is here in case you guys can check something that can lead us to a solution:

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    Hi, 3 pages of frustration here in this thread.

    1 i’m not using breadcrumb navxt and I don’t want to use any plugins i’d prefer adding the code in the correct spot. So if you could dumb it down I can add it to every page that would be great.

    2. I found this post by typing my same error problem into google I REPEAT i’m not using a plugin thats suggested above thats outdated by 5 month’s and is probally hacked or could let hackers in.

    3. not 1 post here has resolved the answer here are the answers that are more on the money

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    @mrjkelly: This particular subforum and thread are for users of Breadcrumb NavXT. The discussion in this thread is unlikely to be helpful for you if you are not using Breadcrumb NavXT. Try the general forums for help with custom breadcrumb trail implementations.

    Lastly, I find your assertion that just because Breadcrumb NavXT has not needed a release in 5 months that it is somehow insecure.


    I did it. But always miss field “itemListElement”, is annoying because seem console reject sometimes the urls. I try a lot of things but nothing.


    John can you help me ? If you want I can try what you mean. If always miss itemslistelements, thanks

    update 11 Oct.2019
    the Missing field “item” error does not longer appears in Google.
    It dropped slowly and gradually from 96 errors to 0 in 3 weeks.
    I did nothing, I didn’t change a thing
    Mysterious Google…

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