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    Hi guys.

    Missing favicon image file

    /wp-includes/images/wpmini-blue.png does not exist, makes the my sites admin menu show a missing image file placeholder in your new dashboard.


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  • Yep, same problem. Something to do with the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin?

    Confirmed it’s the Ultimate Branding plugin

    looks like wpmini-blue.png was one of the files marked for removal during the 3.8 update process.

    I assume that’s a mistake. Although when I deactivate the UB plugin the PNG shows normally.

    I assume that’s a mistake.

    I don’t see wpmini-blue.png or wpmini-blue-2x.png in a fresh copy of 3.8.

    ..and when I grep the entire 3.8 package, the only references to wpmini-blue are the two hits in update-core.php.

    Conversely, if you grep the entire package for 3.7.1, you will get references to both the images in /wp-includes/css/admin-bar.css and admin-bar.min.css

    So, based on that info, my thoughts are that the references to the images have been removed from /admin-bar.css, and the images have been removed from /wp-includes/images. Seems intentional rather than erroneous.

    when I deactivate the UB plugin the PNG shows normally.

    Interesting.. What’s the source code say about the path to the image you’re seeing? Maybe the behavior is different in a network (MU) setup? Or maybe I’m just not seeing the entire picture.. which is most definitely possible! It certainly deserves a little more investigation.

    [edit] Relevant discussion:

    (PNG not showing, UB plugin active)

    If I’m doing it right… when I deactivate UB plugin and use Firebug this is what I get:

    I suspect /wp-includes/fonts/dashicons.svg, but appending that to my own domain url and then looking at the source code just makes my head hurt… you might open dashicons.css in an editor and take a peek for yourself, but I’m in way over my head, now! 🙂

    Looking at /wp-includes/fonts/dashicons.svg I see lots and lots of this and have no idea what it is! LOL

    <glyph unicode="" d="M1448 894l-707 707l150 150q25 28 85 34.5t134 -11t132 -55.5q45 -30 126.5 -97t164.5 -113q43 -24 73 -38t76.5 -30.5t87.5 -23t95.5 -6t112.5 12.5zM1377 823l-707 707l-177 -177q-29 -29 -29 -70.5t29 -70.5l106 -106q29 -29 29 -71t-29 -71q-27 -27 -61.5 -54 t-86 -63t-73.5 -52q-66 -49 -101 -84q-52 -52 -92 -108.5t-64 -113t-20.5 -108.5t39.5 -88t88 -39.5t108.5 20.5t113 63.5t108.5 91.5q34 34 85 102q13 17 51 72t64 88.5t54 60.5q29 29 70.5 29t70.5 -29l106 -106q29 -29 70.5 -29t70.5 29z" />

    In the UB plugin I added my own favicon, which is better and I don’t see the empty img placeholder. But this is also way over my head!

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    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    That is no longer an image but a font-icon from Dashicons:

    So the UB plugin needs to get updated for 3.8 🙂 It’s calling an image that no longer exists (and that’s why we tell you not to do that, plugin devs, unless you’re going to keep up with WP changes and test promptly)

    Hi guys.

    Sorry i didn’t respond earlier, been quite a busy week.

    Marking this as resolved.

    We do try to keep on top of changes before the final release. But occasionally these things just slip through as you know. This was one of those, where it was unexpected because we always expect people that enabled the favicon function to actually upload a favicon when they enable it, not just enable it and not upload a favicon.

    But cheers for the comments.

    Have a great christmas.

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