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  • I lost some editor toolbar elements after installing v2.1 and I’d like to get them back. The only elements I have on the tool bar is the bold, italic, morebreak, spellcheck and question mark. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • Same here… anyone? Bueller?

    you are not alone. i’m missing the same elements. just upgraded to 2.1 about an hour ago. please help.

    small toolbar screenshot:

    okay – now my blog is hanging up right after the wordpress 2.1 ‘auto save’ feature kicks in. it freezes out my ability to post.

    Anyone know if this was fixed in the latest release (2.1.1)? I really want to upgrade to 2.1, but this is a major show-stopper for and the other writers on my blog.

    I do have the same problem, and I’ve been fighting with it for several days!, makes be unstable!… 🙂

    Does’nt seem the latest version is stable yet?. Is there eventually any way to backgrade wp to earlier versions?

    Thanks people.

    – Make sure you have your blog set to use the Rich Text editor. Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Hit that checkbox for the rich text editor and click on save changes.

    – You may have to clear out your browser cache and do a forced reload of the page in question.

    I recently installed two new 2.2s, one works perfectly but the other has no formatting buttons at all (though I’m sure they were there at first- I did post an opening article and I’m sure I’d have noticed ;).

    I’ve done all the recommended fixes, checking and unchecking visual editor in profile, clearing the cache and forcing reload etc to no avail. All I have is the two tabs (Visual and Code) and clicking on them makes no difference at all – the view shows the post with <p> tags so I assume it’s the code view, but it won’t change to visual. Any help will be much appreciated, though I think I’ll just re-install…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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