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    i had installed a wordpress site on Azure and i was working with a temporary url, which Azure gave me and not with my actual domain name. Then i had to migrate the site to a new standard server and not azure type. The migrations went good but i am dealing with a url problem now.

    The site is working perfect but when i am in the media library and for example click to an image the actual domain name is missing, for example the link is like

    The thing now is when i want to put the items on google shopping for example, it not get the picture because it has not the full link with the domain in front. I tried many solutions like to replace the domain name in the db or with a plug in, re-install wordpress and others but nothing.
    I believe it is possible to fix it if someway deal with the db but i could not find a solution yet. Does anyone have any idea for a solution?

    Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • That is relative path naming and is the correct way to link images on a site. You can manually add the domain and making the urls absolute when adding links to your images offsite

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    Thanks @jaycbrf for your answer but the problem with this set up is that when a plug in needs the image url get’s it by relative path naming and it is not working in that way. For example google product feed takes the images without the domain name and not working.

    I had already spoke with them and they need to change the way that my library works, this is my problem.

    If you have any idea to fix the relative path to actual path it will be great, thanks.

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