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  • I donated a euro because I’m really needing a straightforward way of saving WordPress pages as static html, and then migrating those to S3.

    A day of playing with it later, I’m a bit closer, but I think I’ll ultimately abandon this plugin.

    a. It has like three unrelated user journeys for configuring the thing, the most important of which is really obfuscated. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, prepare for frustration.

    b. Even after I got it working, my users reported that updating pages didn’t update the static version.

    c. What little documentation it has is misleading, and parts aren’t in English.

    d. The “Template Copyier” [sic] plugin appears to be incompatible with the S3 plugin.

    e. Some UI elements look like they were created in MSPaint.

    f. What promise the plugin shows is mitigated by the fact it’s donationware, and so consequently won’t ever receive the level of community support that a FLOSS project would.

    My advice to the author would be to drop the pointless donationware nonsense, license the thing as GPLv3 and then maintain it on GitHub.

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