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    Hi. Great plugin thanks – (almost) exactly what I needed! Much appreciated update with regards to being able to select the default view, but took me a while to find the option in the settings. Might be worth mentioning its location somewhere in the install instructions perhaps?

    One small issue I’m trying to resolve is that I can’t get the category descriptions to show up in category list view. It all seems to work fine in the product list view with the excerpt being shown to the right of the product picture etc.

    However when the list view is just of categories then no description is shown, just the category title and a big space to the right of the product picture.

    You can see for yourself here:

    Can someone help suggest a fix please? Is this an issue with the plugin or with my theme not picking up the category description do you think? I’m using the ‘Striking’ theme.

    Thanks, James

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  • I’ve also posted a thread regarding this issue on the theme developers support forum here:

    Anyone have any ideas please? Cheers, James

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if this is a theme or plugin conflict. Please try enabling TwentyEleven or Twelve and see if that resolves the issue.

    If not please disable any WooCommerce related plugins to check for conflicts there too.

    Thanks, Jay

    Hi Jay,

    I’ve just tried activating Twenty Twelve and the problem is still exactly the same (only with worse formatting!).

    The only other WooCommerce related plugins I have installed are:
    – WC Product Add-Ons
    – WC Sequential Order Numbers
    – WooThemes updater

    I’ve just tried deactivating all three together, clearing the cache and the problem is still the same with the blank category descriptions.

    Any other thoughts please?

    Thanks, James 🙂

    In case it is theme related (Striking) I posted a thread on the theme developers site too:

    They said:
    You will have to create a woo-sub-template for the category listing as far as i know. We use the woocommerce defaults within striking.
    ..but I’m not sure what that really means!

    Sorry but not sure where the issue lies to start tracking it down. Would seem to not be theme related though if the same issue exists when I activate Twenty Twelve, right? My knowledge of WP insides isn’t enough to start checking through template files etc I’m afraid, so hoping you can help!

    Am also having the same issue, is it perhaps down to the category description field being a different field to the post excerpt which is pulled through for this?

    Thought we were going to be in luck with the 0.3.1 update, but sadly not :'(

    Good to know the plugin is being maintained, hope Jay can offer a solution to the above issue soon (and glad to see that it’s not just me!).

    Woohoo, problem solved with today’s 0.3.2 update!

    A big thank you to Jay, great plugin and excellent support. This is what makes WP great 🙂

    Topic marked as resolved and pplugin rated 5*.

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