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  • I’m running, and using IE 6. Sometimes when I log in, the Dashboard text [the text that contains the WordPress news, etc.] is missing. However, if I highlight the area, sometimes the text will show up. Weird!

    I thought I remembered something about modifying some CSS on a page somehwere, but I can’t find the post. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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  • Don’t use IE. :p

    Thanks Viper, that was almost helpful… 🙂

    On a serious note, do you know what FF might be doing differently from IE, so I can tweak something? Thanks!

    I am still having this problem, even after clearing my cache and a few other suggestions I have seen. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas? Thank you for your help! 🙂

    The only time my dashboard text disappeared was when I manually upgraded my php 4 to php 5. But I was using at that time.

    I’ve installed multiple blogs over the past three days, uploading the same v files in each instance. ONE of these blogs is exhibiting the behavior you describe. It affects the Plugins page, as well as the Dashboard, where the installed plugins show up in the ‘Plugin Editor’ but not on the main plugins page, so I can’t manage plugins.

    So the problem is clearly with a single wp instance, and not server-wide. I tried deleting all the plugins to disable them, in case it might be a plugin problem. That didn’t seem to affect the problem.

    Something is clearly interrupting the full download of these pages. (Check the source on one of these puppies, and you’ll see.) But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out where the error would be. The underlying files are all identical to the other working installations. (I’ve even tried replacing all the files in the wp-admin directory.)

    Adding a little more information, so hopefully someone can help.

    – Sometimes the dashboard text is completely missing.
    – Sometimes I can highlight the area, and the highlighted text will show up. Sometimes it will stay visible, and sometimes it will “disappear” again after done highlighting.
    – Sometimes the text will show up at startup, but will parts of it or the whole thing will disappear when I scroll down the page.

    I have tried refreshing the page, with the same results. I have also tried clearing my cache, with the same results. This occurs on all 3 of my blogs.

    Thank you for any help.

    I still don’t know exactly what caused this problem. But I fixed my instance this morning as follows:

    1. deleted all the files except wp-config.php from the server

    2. reloaded the entire application (same source files, btw)

    3. ran wp-upgrade.php

    For safety, the codex recommends that you back up your database and disable any plugins before going through this process. However, I couldn’t get to the plugins, and the process worked fine – reloading the exact same plugins as I had installed originally, of course.

    Might be worth a try if you’re pulling your hair out on a similar thing.

    kekawaka, did you upgrade to or Or just reloaded everything?

    Yes, I reloaded the same files, which were

    Thanks, I will try that, I am still at Will report back! 🙂

    I recently updated to and am still having the following, consistent problems.

    Blog 1: On the admin screen, the only areas visible in the dashboard area is a box entitled “Latest Activity.” There is a long box containing the word “Dashboard” but it is a box only around the word “dashboard.” There is no space for further entries [as there usually is on the admin screen]. There seems to be no feed/information at all. Note: this screen worked normally with

    Blog 2: Everything is normal on the admin screen except for the Dashboard. The box is large, as if it contains words, but the box is empty, or sometimes it will display a bit of text, and sometimes the text will show up when highlighting the white area. Same problem as experiencing with

    Blog 3: Normal display on the admin screen.

    Again, I am using IE. Is anyone else having this problem? Are there any suggestions on how to fix this? Please! ** crossing fingers **

    I too have this problem on hosted site but a local, sandbox site is fine. Looking at the source there is just nothing there. Are there no ideas out there over what may be causing this? The plugins page loads fine by the way.

    Personally I don’t use the default dashboard. I created a trimmed down version without any of the pesky feeds. I have however left Technorati (or is it Egorati?).

    I noticed the same problem on a newly installed blog.
    Personally I use a hack to get rid of all this cruft.

    Angsuman – thank you so much for sharing your stripped down version of the Admin page. I’m using your version now. [At first I was worried that I would be missing out on important WP news, but seeing as how the dashboard problems of everyone here haven’t seemed to garner much interest from the WP powers-that-be, I’m guessing the news feed isn’t all that important.] Thanks again for sharing!!

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