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  • I’m trying to make a sub sub menu. Here is the site, and if you mouse over books3, you can see what happens to the secondary navigation – it isn’t moving far enough to the right.

    I’m missing something – in the CSS? that identifies what is the sub sub menu (or submenu2 as I have it in the css)

    I’m using WP custom menus, but even when I slide the name of the page so it indents on the custom menu, it still shows up funky on the simply won’t indent far enough to work.

    Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance..

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You are missing CSS positioning on the sub-sub menu.
    Look at adding top and right properties.

    Which theme are you using?

    It’s a custom theme that is no longer supported by the maker….

    in this section i have position as a left margin of 100px

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu2 li {
    text-indent: 100px !important;}

    and in the regular sub menu it doesn’t have that….so I’d hoped that would move the submenu2 to the right 100px. it didn’t. =)

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Submenu2 isn’t the actual name of the class given to the sub menu.
    Try a Browser Inspector Tool to explore which classes are applied to which elements.

    I have that…=) and it shows that submenu is being applied – I simply don’t know how to change that….

    There is no class called sub-menu2 — you can’t just invent a class — it has to be applied to an element.

    This is the selector you need to use:

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li ul.sub-menu li a{
      put the spacing styles in here;

    ok..I have this one…

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li a:link, #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li a:visited


    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li a:hover

    but not the one you have above. so would I add in this?

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li ul.sub-menu li a{
      put the spacing styles in here;

    or does it need to have the hover element?

    Please please please bear with me here….=) I’m trying really hard to get this right…

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Just use

    #nav ul.sub-menu ul {
     left: (n)px;
     top: (n)px;

    You need to use what I posted in order to move those menus over:

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li ul.sub-menu li a {
      margin-left: 180px;

    If you are trying to change something upon hover, that has to be an additonal CSS declaration which would include the hover.

    Andrew…the top element worked on that, moving it up and down the page, but the left didn’t…it stayed where it was.

    WPyogi- that’s sooooo close. Can you look at the page now, please =) and do you see the second button Covert Affair is no longer clickable, and its sub menu doesn’t slide out.

    Do I have an element that’s blocking the second button? a padding? It’s like it’s hidden behind something….

    Okay so try changing the above code to this:

    #nav ul li ul.sub-menu li ul.sub-menu li a {
        left: 140px;
        position: relative;
        top: -28px;

    WPYogi….Sorry, it’s still scrambled. Why would that change the way the buttons are displayed?? I’m so at a loss. I have custom menus set up…I have the pages listed under their correct parents…it’s driving me crazy!

    maybe it’d be best to just hire the stupid thing out. grr.

    I dunno — it worked in Firebug for me. But yes, it’s frustrating. See what Andrew has to say as he’s good on all this kind of stuff…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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