• Man, this is a amazing plugin. Why Woocommerce doesn’t show the regular price in cart and checkout pages is just crazy. It’s such a great promotional tool to remind customers of the discount that they’re actually getting.

    Anyways, seems that this plugin isn’t taking into consideration other discounts that may be applied, by other plugins, on the checkout page. Maybe this this just isn’t reasonably possible to do? Either way, just wanted to let you know about this issue. In the meanwhile I have turned off the display “you saved” option – even though this is also a GREAT option to display, for the same reasons as above.

    This is the plugin that creates a 10% discount on checkout page when a customer chooses a specific payment method.


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by killerdog.
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  • Plugin Author Cristiano Zanca


    Hi @killerdog,

    Thanks for apprecciate!

    Maybe that is one of the reason why WooCommerce doesn’t show the discounted price: adding external plugin that modify the price ( like checkout-fees-for-woocommerce ) the result is wrong

    So at the moment I think is something that it can’t be fixed via this plugin

    Actually, it doesn’t modify any of the prices at all, it just adds a completely new row in the order summary e.g. “Paypal Gateway Discount -$10.00”. Just like a Woocommerce coupon.

    Your plugin doesn’t seem to pickup this additional discount row when it’s dynamically added to the order summary (using the regular built-in JS/AJAX update feature).

    This problem ONLY effects the optional “you saved” row in your plugin. I was kind of hoping this might be a simple fix, as there might be a bunch of other plugins that also add their own discount rows.

    Thanks for the great plugin, either way! 🙂

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