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  1. Johnz Place
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm using takeoverpageone.com's webtrafficgenius.com with WordPress.org on my web sight species-universe.com for backlinks using RSS feed submissions.

    To use webtrafficgenius I'm using the wordpress.org 3.0 that webtrafficgenius comes with, so updating to 3.01 to solve any of this is not recommended by webtrafficgenius. This means any suggestions will have to be around some other solution than updating for now. Thanks.

    My issue then is how can I get the editor to include all it's options like font size, font color, etc. And why can't I get YouTube videos to work in my wordpress.org blog posts? Again thanks for any help.


  2. Johnz Place
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I did get a solution to this situation, a tech at HostGator.com pointed out to me that the Icon at the end of the Editing toolbar opens up the second row of the Editing toolbar where lie hidden the rest of the editing tools.

    Stupid me missed that one all together, solutions are so simple and problems so complicated.

    Plus, I watched THIS video on YouTube explaining how to embed video (including playlist embedding) into my WordPress.org blogs using the HTML editor, - the Icon above the editing toolbar for embedding videos doesn't work.


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