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  • I installed WP3.0b1 and that appears to be working smoothly.

    I migrated my Blogger via FTP blog
    and that is working smoothly.

    Then I went to my WP3 install dash, Tools, Import, Blogger where it said:
    Posts Comments
    0/1408 0/431
    But, there is now a problem. The number of posts is correct but I have about 10x that many comments on my old blog. WordPress is not seeing all my comments.

    So I pressed the magic button “Import” and it did its thing.
    Posts Comments
    1408/1408 431/431
    Okay, so it got what it saw. I tried doing this all again with a reauthorization but can’t get WP to see any more comments.

    Maybe Blogger’s migration tool failed and didn’t migrate all the comments. I spot check and it looks like all the comments are there. I have a lot of posts that have a lot of comments, in some cases over a hundred comments per post. 431 comments just isn’t all of them.

    Is WP3 counting just the number of posts with comments? Is that what that number means? If that is the case then the header needs adjustment to read something like “Posts with Comments” instead of “Comments”.


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