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  • I’m simply baffled as to why this is, and can’t figure out where the path is wrong.

    There are quite a few ‘hidden’ functions that are simply not listed in the function_reference. Although it’s usually not an issue to have bad documentation, for a function reference index it really kills the application.
    Here’s a quick example:
    – You are trying to obtain the list of all comments for a specific post
    – Looking at: you don’t see anything about the list of comments.
    – Naturally you go about getting the comments through something like get_comments and go through the pain of formatting your comments

    Little did you know this function list is INCOMPLETE!

    If you look through some other themes (hmm TwentyTen) you’ll notice the use the following function:
    – wp_list_commetns()
    Which returns exactly what you needed. How can this be? How could I have wasted time? It’s not in the above function reference – Must be a one-off functions.php. Nope.. then you search the codex and you find the following:
    – wp_list_comments:

    Wait, so the function is a built-in wordpress function, correctly in the right path according to the URL.
    Going back and forth through the pages there is absolutely ZERO reference to that function.

    So my question is – What the hell?? How can you simply decide not to index certain functions on the index, yet have full documentation of it hidden away.

    Thank you for the (partially) useless codex documentation.

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  • esmi


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    The Codex is currently being re-organised but this is a community project. Please free free to join in and help out.

    Esmi, I understand that this is a community project, but I don’t even see any information about adding information to the doc besides the comments.
    It’s not so much the fact that this is a cryptic function that wasn’t documented within the index, but rather something that’s being used by the default theme shipped with wordpress and yet it’s missing from the index.

    Sort of makes you think what else was missed?

    meh – disregard the unable to edit…

    My codex login now works.

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