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    Last night I posted a short new post to my site. To my horror, immediately afterwards, my category list went away, and all posts (400 plus)were set to “uncategorized”.

    I googled first to resolve the issue, to no avail. Came here to the forums…no posts regarding missing categories and v.3.3.2. Tried several things, but than started having problems accessing parts of my site, then most blogs. (shared host) I spent HOURS trying to resolve the issue.

    Using FTP, I could get into my root account, and deleted a lot of things in my /tmp/ folder. These seemed to be the fix mentioned by forum posters for several years now. Didn’t work for me.

    Finally, called my host tech line, and finally got through to a real person. After checking in several other issues, I asked him to peek at the /tmp/ folder. He said it wasn’t full…but nearly so. He cleaned it out for me, and a few minutes later, my categories were all back, AND the categories that each USED to have were back where they were supposed to be.

    Since starting with WordPress v.1.2 a LONG time ago, had never had this issue. Just wanted to post an update on this topic, that the /tmp/ issue seems to be THE fix for missing cats.

    This thread…

    helped the most, but was months old.

    Thanks to all who take the time to share issues and fixes on this wonderfull tool we call WP.


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