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  • I am using 1.5.2 of WordPress and have had it setup for a few months now. However, I am trying to add a new category for posts called Diggnation. Even though I already have at least one story in the new section, WordPress will not display it under the categories section. How can I resolve this issue?

    Also, when viewing my site in IE 6, my sidebar does not look right. Can anyone help me with this as well?

    You can view the URL of the WordPress blog at

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • 1. There is something wrong with your theme. The category links in each of your posts are not written correctly. Most probably your function call was written incorrectly.

    2. It doesn’t look like the category “Diggnation” exists at all…maybe go to your admin panel, delete this category and re-add it? (I’m just guessing here.)

    Your sidebar list seem to be missing

      within the sidebar div. Some links have

    • others have <br>.

    I strongly recommend you read The tutorials will make your life easier when it comes to styling (css) your links and your sidebar.

    Sorry, that’s your sidebar seems to missing [ul] and/or [li]. Others have standard <br>. Reference the above link for quality tutorials.

    I will see if I can download and apply this theme once again. Maybe it will resolve some of the problems.

    However, even with the standard them applied, my Diggnation category is not showing up. Here is a link directly to the cateogy:

    Why will WordPress not list this category out in the sidebar?

    How are you calling your categories in the sidebar? what code is there? Are the category links being generated via manage/link/categories?

    This is what my sidebar theme is using to call it:

    <div class=”title”>Categories</div>
    <?php list_cats(FALSE, ‘ ‘, ‘name’); ?>

    Could my WordPress install somehow be messed up? I took my theme over to a friend’s WordPress install (that I put together for them) and some of the issues I have discussed here were fixed on their site.

    I reinstalled WordPress 1.5.2 and everything is resolved now except when I add a new category, it is not listed on the sidebar. Any ideas?

    Empty categories are NOT displayed. Do you have any posts in those new categories?

    Yes, there is at least one entry listed here:

    But it is not listed on the sidebar. I have tried this with a few other new categories and even though they have had at least one entry listed in them, the category is not showing up in the sidebar either.

    What is the template tag used in your sidebar.php template to display the categories?

    Currently the template tag used in sidebar.php for display of categories is:

    <div class=”title”>Categories</div>
    <?php wp_list_cats(‘list=0’); ?>

    Sorry, my question was totally obsolete – a few posts above you already answered that. However, the two answers are not the same. Did you change the template tag in the sidebar in the meantime?
    Oops, I think I got it: Probably you have them both, but the second is commented out. Check the source code of your page and you’ll see all the categories listed in between <!-- and --> which tells to the browser: do not display.
    And the first variant you use has its first parameter set to FALSE for displaying all the categories.

    Clean up your sidebar’s code!

    I replaced the above mentioned category sidebar code with the one I posted in my last reply.

    I will post the entire sidebar for you to see. But even if I go with the WordPress Default Theme, it still is not displayed on the sidebar. Please someone help me 🙂

    [code moderated]

    The code – if you don’t use the proper tools (see below the text input area here!) – renders and doesn’t help.
    Please, post your code to or similar services.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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