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  • I can’t figure out if I’m crazy or insane. Everybody has their question(s) listed and none of them seem to relate to what I’m bumping into.

    I can install the plug-in fine, set up my categories, and I can actually create an appointment from the Admin-side of WordPress. If I publish the calendar using the shortcode [APCAL] in a post, all that the visitor sees is the button. Clicking the button does nothing. The same results if I publish the shortcode on a page (instead of a post). The visitor can see the button, but nothing else.

    Also — tried on Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Windows NT IE9 and Mozilla. All give me the same results — nothing.

    Practice site:
    Page Published:
    Post Published:

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  • Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK



    After investigation of your issue, we found, there is too serious problem with your theme js file.

    too many recursion error in theme’s mootools.x.js file in line no. 3.

    And its show a very long error list for this error.

    Error Snap: Click-Here

    That’s why Appointment Calender not functioning properly.


    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Just try system with other theme.

    Plugin Author a.ankit


    Hello FruitFly,

    We are pusing an update in 3-4 days time.. this update is aimed at resolving the JS conflicts with the theme…

    Would you be interested in trying out the plugin again?


    1.) I chased down the offending plug-in that Faraz pointed out (slimbox). That was deleted.

    2.) Since Faraz pointed out it was a mootools.js, I upgraded the only other call for mootools and made sure that was up to date as well.

    3.) I’ve spent far too much time on this problem already. I use my website as a guinea-pig to field test ideas and/or scripts and I run into a jamb once in a while with plugins and scripts that conflict. Housekeeping and pulling out old “tests” seems to work most of the time. This problem doesn’t change – nor do I think it will.

    So, to answer Ankit’s question: No, I’m not willing to continue with the idea. I’ll just write my own script via Contact Form 7 for the project and then be done with it. I thought would reduce a lot of work, but the project is already using Google Calendar and I can write a code to allow visitors to request an appointment myself.

    Please don’t send me email messages on this anymore.



    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Thefruitfly,

    Appointment Calendar Version 2.6 available With Mobile Version Shortcode.
    New Date-picker added, this will reduce js conflict.


    Update your version and try it and send your feedback.


    Hey Frank,

    I’m having the same issue as Thefruitfly. I was really psyched to use this plug-in with my current theme but I guess theres a conflict somewhere. I did use the mobile short code as suggested but now none of my “time off” days are showing up. Any suggestions?


    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    Hi Sprocketish,

    Can you share site url?

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