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  • Hi,

    had updated quite a bit stuff recently (WordPress itself, Tweetable, and webserver, so it runs PHP 5.3 now), so I am not sure what is the source of the problem:

    Tweetable seems to work overall, I can tweet from the dashboard, and it displays tweets in the widget, but in the widget it additionally shows an error and when I publish a new article, the auto-tweet-attempt causes the same error:

    Missing argument 2 for tweetable_write_widget() /var/[censored]/wp-content/plugins/tweetable/tweetable.php on line 137

    as you can see on (near the bottom)

    Any ideas?

    P.S.: while we are at it – Tweetable seems to have a minor hickup in the auto-update code when you update the plugin – the .maintenance file is not deleted and you have to manually delete it after the update, otherwise whole site is locked down in maintenance forever…. 😉

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  • Plugin Author redwallhp


    I just committed a fix for the Missing Argument 2 warning. It should be available in a few minutes.

    I’ve never seen anything like your .maintenance file issue before though. I did some Googling and I’m pretty sure it’s not Tweetable’s fault. The update is handled entirely by the WordPress core, with no hooks or anything in the plugin itself. It would have to be a bug in WordPress itself, or maybe a configuration/permission issue with your server environment. (It looks like it’s not an uncommon occurrence with core updates either…)

    Cool, thanks for the fix!

    The update prob – weird, I know. I thought just what you wrote, but for SOME reason I get this problem sometimes, und so far only with Tweetable or when I chose several plugins incl. Tweetable to be updated. Other plugins update fine on the same install.
    Well, not so important, manually killing the file is not a big deal 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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