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    Hmm weird.
    What you can try:

    Reload the edit page of the post in witch you try to insert the photo albums.

    If that doesn’t work, you can do it manually.

    1. Edit a photo album you want to insert.
    2. The url is something like: edit.php?post=123. You need the number of the post argument. In this case 123. This is the ID of the photo album.
    3. Edit now the post where you want to insert the photo album.
    4. Write [epa-album id="123" show_title="true" display="full"]. Here is 123 the id of the photo album (step 2), show_title can be true or false, and display can be full or excerpt.

    For a real solution I need more information. What could help is the console output of your browser: Press F12 and reload the page.

    Thank you very much for quick reply!

    Reloading edit page would not help. Only 5 photo albums are in the Insert a Photo Album box. And they are 5 last created Photo Albums. So refreshing the box wont help. The previous (older) galleries are missing in the box.

    I can not do it manually too. My wordpress is set up to NOT use post=123 urls but “yourpagedomain”/┬░postname%/. So I can not see ID of the Photo Album. See printscreen.

    No id in Edit Photo Album Page

    I can arrange a login to my wordpress if you would like to and have time and energy. Thanks! Lukas ­čÖé

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    I thing we don’t understand each other.

    I mean with the url the url of the wordpress edit page, something like (I was mistaken, I said edit.php). And the id is now 123.

    It would be nice if you can arrange a login for me. I would like to investigate it, but I can’t promise anything. It can take weeks before I am able to take a look, but it would be nice though. (please use info(AT)tv(MINUS)productions(DOT)org as e-mail)

    Got it! Thank you. Now I can find post ID for every Photo Album. I would do this workaround.
    If you would like to examinate more, your login is set up. More info in email.



    Just to say I’m having the same issue: only 5 albums listed (in WP 3.8.1)

    Solved adding a parametro to get_posts:

    public function ajax_return_albums() {
    		$albums = get_posts ( array (
    				'post_type' => EPA_PostType::POSTTYPE_NAME,
    				'post_status' => 'publish',
    		) );

    That’s the trick: ‘posts_per_page’=>-1


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    Thank you very much for tracking down this bug and posting the solution!

    I’ll add this fix to the plugin.

    is there any possibility for Pagination with album?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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