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  • Hey – after reading through many many forum posts (here and elsewhere), I have an inkling that this may really be a google problem, but I wanted to see if people had had similar problems with WordPress. Basically, I’m designing the website for a heavy metal magazine (temporary url: ) and we recently got Google Adsense ads up and running on the site. There’s one annoying quirk though: there are two ad blocks (one in the sidebar and one in the footer) and the only block that ALWAYS shows up is the one in the sidebar. The one in the footer will show up on the main index page, but 9/10ths of the time will disappear in the post and archive pages. I’ve heard that google sometimes just randomly decides to give you blank space instead of an ad block, but I’ve also heard that there are some problems with using Adsense within php files. Has anyone else here had similar issues? Any advice? Thanks a lot.

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