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    1. Already authorized Smash Balloons for a specific facebook user and facebook page on a website.
    2. Re-authorized Smash Balloon on a different website for same facebook user but different facebook page.
    3. facebook notifies me that Smash Balloon is already authorized, redirects me back to website custom facebook Feed plugin settings.
    4. facebook Feed plugin settings don’t offer the facebook page.
    5. The reason for this is that the extra step for specifying which permissions/pages Smash Balloon should be authorized is not shown when re-authorizing Smash Balloon/Smash Balloon being already authorized.
    6. Going to the Smash Balloon permissions settings in facebook settings, giving Smash Balloon basic page permissions for that new page.
    7. Now the custom facebook Feed plugin settings indeed list that new page and it can be selected.
    8. However, now the error message appears, that only users with admin role for facebook page can use it as feed.
    9. In this case though the reason is not the user not being an admin of that facebook page, but rather some further permissions were missing for Smash Balloons, like reading the posts of that facebook page.

    So the error message is a bit too broad and misleading here. In some cases the user is indeed already the administrator of a facebook page, but not enough permissions were granted to Smash Balloon, like reading the posts of the facebook page. A better hint and graphical/little video tutorial (how to get to these facebook settings and what settings have to be enabled) would be nice.

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  • Plugin Support Smash Balloon Joel


    Hey @strarsis,

    Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance. Unfortunately, there are some specific tricky parts to creating Access Tokens through Facebook and it will not always be obvious. We can not change the process once sent to Facebook however your feedback as to how we could improve this on our end is welcomed. We are currently in the process of completely redesigning and reworking our settings page, starting with the Facebook Feed plugin which will help in this regard.

    As for the issue itself, when you want to add new pages to the plugin and using the ‘Connect a Facebook Account’ button, once sent to Facebook one will want to select ‘Edit Settings’ to then select all the pages one wants to display. If this is changed to another page, removing the previous selection, the previous selection will no longer work, as it is actually a single connection between our app and your personal account and not individual Access Tokens that are generated.

    I hope this makes sense. If you have further issues with this specific site and need further assistance, it would be beneficial to send us a support request on our website here including the System Info from the plugin’s Support tab.

    Many thanks.

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