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  • I am new to WP, and I am just trying to do some tutorials locally using XAMPP. When I try to upload any media content to a post, I get a “Missing a Temporary Folder” error message. I’ve searched the forums and tried all the suggestions (adjusting permissions, adding tmp folder, checking the settings-misc fields, downgrading flash to version 9, and I’ve reinstalled the 2.7 version several times very carefully, but I’m not having any success.

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  • bmiller589


    Same here– using XAMPP, set temp directory in php.ini, restarted the server, and still getting “Missing a Temporary Folder” error with flash uploader. (HTTP upload does nothing either)


    Ryan S


    In wordpress, when you upload a media, following folders are automatically create:


    You can check if these folders are automatically created or not. Or you can create them manually. I hope this will work..

    Ryan S.



    Same thing here.. did anyone find a working solution?

    just create /tmp folder in the wordpress root dir

    Hi there, im having exactly the same problem!!! Have tried all of the suggestions and still no luck!!! 🙁 Anyone try anything different that has worked? I would be extremely grateful for some help!

    Many Thanks


    Hi, the problem is also discussed here and on my website i’ve posted a quick solution


    yes, thanks for the post. it’s confirmed.

    Using leopard, i installed xampp, then I found out all the upload or file creation function isn’t working, it gives all sorts of error from different places.

    Then wordpress’s missing temporary folder message pointed me at the correct direction eventually. And dwj’s post gives a quick solution. good job.

    I’m pretty happy to have a local blogger 🙂

    Brain Reset
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    Still not solved for me
    Some one please help me
    E.Karnika Yashwant
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    Having the same problem as above, only this isn’t on a local server – it’s on my hosted account. Image upload worked fine Saturday, won’t work Monday – no updates in between. Tried upgrading from 2.7 to 2.7.1, didn’t help.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    Even I am at web server…still no hopes
    E.Karnika Yashwant

    sorry for the late reply 😛
    The solution on my post is only possible if you have access to the php.ini file. The directive you have to change is system related and there’s no way to chenge even with an .htaccess file.
    The only way through is to ask your hosting provider 🙁

    but it is working on other website of mine
    It is not working only in one website
    All website are in same hosting, same database, same sub domains
    they why only this creates problem…please help me…


    I can’t upload images using my ‘Upload File’ script that I have installed…

    Some third-party PHP scripts and programs, for example ‘WordPress’, include an ‘Image Upload’ or ‘File Upload’ program and this may not work due to ‘open.base_dir’ security restrictions on our servers.

    Here are our instructions to allow you to use such features without receiving an open.base_dir error message on your website when you try to use the upload feature.

    1) Log in via FTP and create a directory in your site root called tmp and set permissions to 777

    2) Log into your MyPanel and go to PHP settings under the Advanced Tab

    3) From the Add a new customised PHP setting: drop down box select upload_tmp_dir then click continue

    4) ensure the value in the box is /home/YOURFTPUSERNAME/public_html/tmp

    5) click continue

    6) Done, the settings should take effect within 12 hours.

    i fixed it!! :))

    1) just create folders in your site root

    2) set permissions to 777

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