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  • * post.php
    One-click bookmarklet:
    click here
    and the word “- Select -” in the custom key drop down list
    and all Quicktag Abbreviations & the “Close Tags” Button

    * link-manager.php
    Show links in category:
    Order by:
    echo "> All</option>\n";
    also: letter ‘Y’

    * options-reading.php
    #57-59: days / posts / posts paged

    completely missing all strings

    * profile.php
    #336, 339

    #337, 342
    WordPress Sidebar
    Add this link to your favorites:

    * categories.php
    the word ‘None’ the category drop down list

    I am sure I missed some, but every little bit helps, right?

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  • Seeing the translation problem some of us have (some strings are translated, but the translation not displayed), I think the next POT should feature the WP version it’s based on.
    For now, the latest POT is “Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n” (…), and I’m testing it using WP-alpha-15…. Obviously the POT is based on different files.
    I’ll switch to WP-beta soon, hoping the new POT will be made for it.

    the .mo i’ve done is running in a clean install of 1.2 beta and isn’t fully put through.

    am I mistaken or are most of these strings still missing in the current nightly?
    just wondering since I seem to remember that they should be in?

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    They should be marked, although the POT may not be updated. If you still don’t see them marked in the source, open a bug and I’ll go back over everything. I’ll generate a new POT for CVS sometime tomorrow.

    bug report opened. i also added info on the “email when comments are posted” issue. garbled chars and non translated strings.

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