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  • While it’s great for cloning a small site without any pictures, it completely misses the mark with the absolute links that WordPress insists we use, specifically with IMAGES inside galleries or pages. I had about fifty (50) pages with images in each of them and I had to go through each line of code and fix all the image links because this plugin doesn’t actually clone your WordPress install to another domain, but rather does a poor imitation of how it should be done.

    I don’t know what is more infuriating: that WordPress STILL uses absolute links instead of relative links, or that the developers don’t make it clear that if you have images, galleries, rokgalleries, roktabs, links in aforementioned rokgalleries and/or widgetkits, it doesn’t fix the absolute links that point to where the image is actually located. So if the original image source link was at, it’ll be the same source link when you restore your site onto a different domain or even a directory on the same domain. If you have an image link in a widget, it misses that too. Menu items? Misses those as well. Images in posts? Can’t get ’em right. Don’t believe me? Just check the “code” and you’ll see the image still points to the OLD domain. That also applies to logo links you have set in your theme’s config file. It would be faster to export your database and do a find and replace in BBEdit after using this plugin.

    FYI: If you have a large database, like over 50 mb, forget about using this. It’ll say it’s created a backup, but you can’t restore a db that big on most servers. Plus, the ‘flash-based’ copy button for the restore link doesn’t actually work. It adds in a space at the end so you have to manually highlight it and copy it. Funny thing is, it copies over all the stuff from the previous domain but for whatever reason just won’t link to the image in question. And if you have a HUGE WordPress site with images on every post/page, find something else. This bullocks everything up and in the end it’s just not worth the aggravation.

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