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  • qinnc


    I have an issue with the schedule post feature for wordpress. When I schedule my post for a certain time, it does not post and the message “Missed Schedule” comes up. Now before someone tries to give me links to responses, let me save you the trouble. I have read them. Most of them are post from 3 years ago and I’ve tried everything they said. I don’t know what else to do. Unless I’m doing it wrong. My site is

    Thank You.

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  • amatheson


    I have the same issue after upgrading to WP3.4.



    Schedule post feature no longer works on any of our sites after conversion to WP 3.4

    Reverting to 3.3 did not clear the problem.

    All future posts fail to publish on all sites all the time.

    Each must be published by hand.



    I keep seeing the past forums talk about it being something the host has to fix.It looks like this issue is long going, and WordPress isn’t trying to solve it. I really do wish there was a resolution because when I go on vacation, I’d have to have to still manually post.



    I’m having the same issue. Happened right after I upgraded to 3.4. I’ve tried creating a new admin and scheduling posts from that login (something that has worked in the past), but it is still not publishing scheduled posts.



    Happens to me too. Is there any fix?

    Hey guys, I just found a simple fix that worked for me – WP missed schedule fix

    Same Problem.

    Does anyone know if the fix that e13013 put up there works?

    @brennanwbjb: Seems to have worked for me.

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