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  1. stapuff106
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I do a lot of projects in Excel VBA and I am new to WordPress so I thought I might figure out how to write a lot of blog post in Excel and use VBA to upload them directly to the wp blog database, but I did not want them all released at the same time so I thought I would "schedule" them through VBA and the database.

    Based on what I can see...the database tables are getting the required information t0 properly "schedule" the blog post, but when the time comes to automatically publish them I get a "missed schedule" in the admin for ever blog post I do through VBA method. I can go in and edit it through admin and it publishes the post with no issues.

    I have done VBA posts and admin posts at relatively the same time and both appear to be the same, yet the VBA does not post.

    Looking for suggesting I what I might be missing.



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