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  • Just wanted to bring to your attention that on the front end attachment is spelled wrong. You’ve it spelled as attachement, the correct spelling is attachment, without that first e.

    The biggest issue with that is only on the front-facing sections of the code. I suppose changing it in other places will break database issues.

    Hopefully you’ll get a chance to fix that issue in the next update.

    This is a fantastic plugin BTW. I’ve been wanting something like this for file sharing for a while and you’ve really hit on something special with it. This is one of those plugins that supports BP for being used in Enterprise, business and intranet settings. Thank you!

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  • When fixing this, maybe clean the mark up as well by adding a class to the label, and remove the br tags. Use always css for layout. Label display block for new lines. The em tag is not needed if the label has a class. capture in a small tag is not semantic either. Use Label small – font style italic.

    This is an exellent plug and rating it five stars even if the delete is not working for me. Its very useful and seems light in the logic of code. This is how buddypress developes.

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