• Heads up – this plugin requires a minimum $99 a month account to use. Their marketing insinuates that there are “One click eCommerce integrations” – but this is not the case with WooCommerce. Don’t waste your time with this one unless you can handle paying $99 a month for your first 200 transactions. Their sales flow will lead you to create an account and pay $17 a month, and then you’ll realize you need a ‘Plus’ account to use real time rates. OK, how much does that cost, and how can I upgrade? Oh no, you need to schedule a sales call to just get the info.

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  • Yes, I had one of those calls with them and they try getting hundreds of dollars from you. They actually decided to raise their prices right after the corona virus hit. I had been setting up site for a while before using them and had a free account. So I was very surprised when they all of a sudden changed their pricing right when coronavirus hit and they were getting more customers because of people having to sell online. Shows their morals as a company. Profit over fairness.

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    Dear @madjax and @jman81298,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback. All WooCommerce customers have access to our Starter plan, for which pricing begins at $19/month for up to 200 orders. When set up through WooCommerce, this plan supports real-time calculations up to 1,000 orders per month. If your sales exceed this threshold, you will still have access to reporting and filing in all US states on this plan.

    If you have more than 1,000 orders per month, and would like to use the TaxJar API to get calculations at checkout, an upgrade to TaxJar Professional is required. This plan includes phone support and 12 free AutoFiles per year, as well as newly launched features such as an expanded product tax code catalog and AI product taxability categorization. TaxJar Professional plans begin at $99/month for up to 200 orders.

    To see all of our plans and features, or to speak with a member of our team, please visit https://www.taxjar.com/pricing/

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    @taxjar you might want to update the plugin description and your pricing page. It’s as clear as mud and sure isn’t doing you any favors.

    Full disclosure, after much misinformation and a very frustrated client – we did get this setup and working.

    So it works but it’s not clear that it costs a minimum of $19 per month – in fact the description page says starts at $99 and to further confuse you – when you go to the pricing page – it looks like the $19 plan does _not_ include integrations – which you might assume would be required for this. And then should you conclude you do indeed need the professional plan – there’s no way to signup without contacting them.

    Overall seems like a solution for the problem many folks have, just obscured behind a pointlessly convoluted sales and sign up process with confusing messaging, sure to drive most small business owners mad.

    @taxjar spend 10 minutes updating your plugin description and FAQ and you might improve your reputation with WooCommerce users and convert more to customers in the process.

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