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  • many issues with free version, went and purchased so called “pro”, to find out that you cannot fully localise it and also very difficult to adjust settings for social login etc… also, it did say that pro version will allow anonymous login, which is misleading!!!! – as i found out later, after i purchased it, that to be able to give users that ability to be anonymous, you have to purchase something else and pay again… this plugin should be fully banned and removed from wordpress completely!!!! – i have asked for my money bacl – full refund, if i don’t get it, i will escalate and suggest you all do the same, so wordpress would block and remove this so called company from its plugin’s page!

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    Due to the holidays we were slow in our response. Our versions are fully localized. We are not Scamming anyone!!! You received support from our team the first day they got back to work after the holidays. Leaving a claim like this is far from being decent or anything close to the truth. You are welcome to contact and also to withdraw your claim

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    People can post any negative reviews as they want but once they start calling someone a SCAM this is crossing the line between a legitimate review and a non legitimate one. We are not scamming anyone and trying to provide the best service we can

    On top of all this has nothing todo with the free version of the plugin!

    It advertises that “CM Answers” plugin is localization enabled, when I couldn’t get words translated, you asked me to use third party plugin to sort that out. I had email issues JUST with YOUR plugin, you asked me, AGAIN, to use third party plugin to sort my email issues out, then CM Answers started generating NONSENSE message (whatever that means) and broke my theme, I had to re-install my theme few times and in the end, had to use totally different theme… any way, point is, you’ve caused me a trouble! – and you’ve charged me for the licence, problems caused by CM Answers – got resolved by not your support, instead, by other developers plugins!!

    Many users here will confirm that this is called SCAM!

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    What you are describing is first far from the truth! We started to provide you with service the first time you have asked for support. This is again have nothing to do with the free version although you are posting this on the free version message board. Support means looking at the setup you currently have analyzing your environment and trying to suggest way to solve issues. The fact that things “Got Solved” means that something was wrong or you needed additional tools to achieve what you wanted, it has nothing to do with a SCAM or any other accusation you are making.

    You didn;t have from the beginning to use our PRO version. This is your own decision, you could also asked for a refund to take because it does work. Your accusations are not true and misleading.

    It is time that WordPress mod will take actions and define a code of conduct for what user posts on the forum. By any law in most Western countries, to call someone a SCAM is a an act of Defamation and you have to prove it beyond any doubt before placing such accusations on a open public board.

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    Hi there,

    I guess we’ll be covering a thing or two here, so bare with me.

    The original post of this review, about the Pro version failing them as well as the free one are legitimate. When you choose to upsell your products via the free plugins on you have to accept that this is how people will view the plugin (as part of your free one), and the reviews about their experience are just as valid as any other review.

    Next point!
    Starting to bring up legal terms is just silly. I’m sorry that you felt hurt by the review, but the term “scam” is widely used to describe a feeling of feeling fooled (I Am Not A Lawyer), which coincides with the reviewers feelings after discovering they need to pay for more and more things to get the features they thought would be included in a premium version, and is how I would read it in this context.

    We do have a “Code of Conduct” as you called it (we refer it as the Forum Welcome Page, it’s not a code of conduct, that’s something completely different, but rather a set of guidelines to follow when posting).

    Now, let’s move on, because we can certainly make this better.

    Could you, instead of using loud words (uppercase words are shouty), inform the plugin author of what theme and plugins you were using that the conflict existed on so that they could look into what was causing it and perhaps fix the problems?

    You did mention that you had requested a refund, I’m glad to hear that you took the appropriate steps when you were unhappy with the premium product and I hope the two of you can sort that bit out in private as money talk really isn’t for these forums 🙂

    Many thanks for your honest and professional approach!

    P.S. I have already pointed out what was wrong with their pro version and even sent them a new translation for additional language, I’ve done my bit. Thanks again.

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds



    Thanks for your response

    We refund the user all his money since we don’t want to have such customers

    I disagree with you about the usage of the term SCAM. A scam is a fraud. It is a pity that it become a term people use this days for everyday actions. When you accuse someone of a fraud this become a legal issue and not anything else. And this is not silly to speak about the legal aspects of things. We work hard to maintain our plugins and build our name and we take our work seriously, when a user which has minimal manners start being rude and call us a SCAM this is not something I would leave behind

    The plugin pro version include all the needed information including pricing. Nothing is hidden and also for the prices – nothing is hidden. It is upfront on the pricing table
    So again looking at it and saying we are frauding is totally wrong and harmful

    As for the forum welcome page you do have something about “Posting in all caps. This is considered shouting and is rude. ” but nothing about bad language. Using the term SCAM (caps) should be added like any other f* s* and other words like this o your code of ethics so the conversation will be civilized

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