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    I needed to migrate a site and found your software. From what I read I thought that your product would be the job
    Boy was I wrong!!
    Now I need to buy a premiere version of your software
    I am not happy at all.
    I will probably buy the premiere version
    I will get the migration done and immediately request a refund
    I have to wonder if the offer of a refund is false advertising also.

    Jim Conway
    [email address removed from public forum]

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by James Huff.
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  • Plugin Author Chris Simmons


    Hi @jimcon,

    I understand that you are not happy with having to purchase the premium plugin but I must disagree that we are misleading in any way. I clearly state in the WordPress.org directory that the one-click restore is not part of the community edition plugin. I put it in the first bullet point under premium features and even make it bold. Here is a link to the directory where you can review for yourself.


    With that said, I do understand that some customers of the WPBackItUp Community Edition (CE) aren’t able to purchase premium. For those customers I spent a few days writing these two articles that walk you through restoring the site for free.



    Additionally, we provide FREE support to WPBackItUp Community Edition customers. We spend countless hours every month answering questions and helping customers just like you migrate their sites themselves.

    Lastly, I must disagree with your comment about false advertising about refunds. This is just incorrect and even slanderous. If we were not providing refunds as advertised then there would be many many comments here saying so. If you spend just a few moments taking a look at our reviews, you will see that most people compliment us on our excellent customer support. There isn’t a single review in the 5 years WPBackItUp has been in the repo that says we don’t support that policy. I don’t even understand why you would say such a thing.

    So Jim, with all that said, I am still willing to help you get your site migrated. Use the links above to do it yourself and even use my free customer support for any questions you might have. Or purchase premium and ask for a refund like you said. I am sure many customers do that already. I would even encourage you to use a different name so we don’t know who you are.

    But when you do and have a great experience, I would like to ask you to update your review to reflect facts and not speculation.

    If you don’t like WPBackItUp after that then by all means please give us a 1 star review. But if you have a great experience then please review us fairly, that’s all we ask.


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