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    A few weeks ago you put the premium price as a yearly membership on the website.

    But now, you don’t put it at all and now I have to email you for getting a quote?

    I hope you know that other plugins do put the price to get an idea how the plugin works and whats it’s worth either on wordpress(dot)org or on their websites.

    I assumed it’s still $99 dollars?

    So I have to pay 6,744.54 INR for 99.00 USD which is high compare to other plugins.

    I do have yearly membership for a few plugins. Those plugins charge a premium between 50 to 80 a yearly.

    The free plugin doesn’t do much to justify the cost of using the plugin which is why I am posting this review.

    Something does not feel right with the things you post on wordpress and your website.

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    This review/support question is related to the premium version which is not finished yet. Please use the support forum or email me directly via our contact page. The premium version is currently unavailable for purchase and we are reviewing what it will sell for after receiving feedback earlier in the month.

    The only part of your paragraph that relates to the free plugin is the 2nd to last sentence. What do you mean? The free version is free…There is no cost. If it doesn’t do much for your needs, don’t use it. The premium version has some extra options for more time savings.

    Something does not feel right? This is not my full time job. I am a clothing wholesaler by day and I had this plugin made for my families business. I paid for my developer to make a free version and a paid version. As I thought others might be interested in this plugins features and to get some money back from the development costs. We used to have to write our labels our by hand, this plugin saves us a lot of time and money.

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    I don’t know what to tell you. It seems like you are very unorganized, adding you should not have add the premium to begin with.

    You should have left as a free version, then move towards to a premium/pay plugin.

    But now you got a lot people confused with what you are offering.

    I’m posting this because I have friends who is frustrated and who doesn’t speak english well said your plugin page and your website is changing constantly.

    Plugin Author wekekaha


    The two versions are very different.

    The free version is a full working plugin.

    Regarding the free version that this review is about why give it a 1 star? Have you got the Barcode, price, sku and product title to print out on labels for you? Please let me know if you cannot get it working. Please be aware you need a direct thermal printer for this plugin and that uses single continuous labels only. As mention on the FAQ page.


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