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[Resolved] Missing sidebar on mainpage

  • After messing around in the code here the other day, I somehow managed to move both of the sidebars to the bottom of the page, rather than next to the posts. It is a cross-theme problem, and it only occurs at the index-page, not on the other pages I´ve created. Looking at the source from the pages that works and the one one that don’t, I’ve not been able to find the culprit. Any one want to have a go? url: http://www.stud.hio.no/~s136265/ (bad page) + http://www.stud.hio.no/~s136265/?page_id=58 (goog page)


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  • Hi

    On your home page, your sidebar section is inside the Content section. That is why it is displaying all on the left. On the good page it is in its own section beneath the content section.

    Generally this happens with one misplaced closing div tag </div>. You would be missing a </div> after the Contents and before the Sidebar. Usually you will find it below the sidebar, meaning the sidebar was misplaced inside the Content area.

    Thanx, stvwlf. I know this may sound like a goofball’s on the loose, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what part of the php that’s responsible for generating the html of the content-part? I was able to get the missing </div> into the code of the sidebar.php of the theme, resulting in a fixed problem on the mainpage, but messing up the other pages. My conclusion is that to fix up/look sharp, I need to get the runnaway </div> into the generator of the content of the mainpage. Within my knowledge of html, the index-file would be the place to start looking, but that only led me on a dead-end hunt to nowhere… Ideas, SteppenWolf, or anyone else? Much obliged, but alas SO CONFUSED norwegian.

    Ok, so I found a way to mend the faulty appearance by inserting a/the missing </div> tag into the index.php-file of the theme… This fixed the glitch, but has made the loadtime of the frontpage slightly slower than the others, sugesting to me the browser isn’t all that happy with the code? Anyho, thanx again, stvwlf for the pointer. Sorta scaffolded me through the process, there:)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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