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  • I installed the plugin and network activated without an issue.

    When adding an album, the message states that the album was created, but it does not appear in the album list. The Page or Post create when the album is created does exist.

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  • Hi LoganSix,
    Did you ever get this resolved? I’m experiencing the exact same issue on my end but I’m working with WP Version 3.1.3. From the research I’ve found so far, it doesn’t look like this plug-in is supported anymore – at least not since about 2010. This is probably the only plug-in I’ve found that allows users to insert an image from the Media Library to create a photo album. Bummer if this isn’t supported anymore.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve checked out about 6 different plug-ins and none of them allow you to create a photo gallery or album from images in the Media Library – ug.



    Hi all.

    I’m working with WP v3.1 and this plug-in works fine.

    Possible for multi site or for newer version of WP it’s bug in adding new record to a database.

    As you can see this plugin is not supported, author’s site doesn’t work.
    I found one issue and fixed it. I want to send sourcecode to author – but his gone 🙁 , so I post this bugfix here:

    1. If you have more than 10 photoalbums
    2. If your post contain lines like:
    3. Оn post page you will see 3 photoalbums, but all photos here will be from photoalbum #1.

    1. Open for editing file

    2. Search for line with follow text:
    $post = preg_replace(“/\[mpa:id=”.$id.”(.*)\]/”,$content,$post);

    3. Replace it with text:
    $post = preg_replace(“/\[mpa:id=”.$id.”\,(.*)\]/”,$content,$post);

    P.S. Sorry for my poor english

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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