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  • hi eveyrone,

    This is one of my first post here but I’m using wordpress for a while now.

    I may have a stupid request but here is something i usually look for :

    “a Now button in the ‘publish’ section of a post”

    Okay here is why it may be usefull for some people.

    First of all, i use Worpress as a CMS, so we are pmultiple users posting content etc, user usually schedule the publication time at the one they need and i just make some modification if needed.

    Most of the time i need to cahnge the time of publication, basically editing some stuff in the content and publishing it directly after that. all that without having to edit the time of publication to an earlier time…

    The main problem i that once the post is scheduled for a time..; you can only edit that scheuled time… when you click on ‘edit’

    Most of the time i just want to publish the post right away :s therefore a ‘now’ choice or button may be great.

    As a side note : The website / wordpress server and instalation is on GMT+2 time and people contribuing are from multiple other timeozone (like me in canada, other people in sweden or france or columbia etc…)

    So the publish now rely only on the server time of course.

    hope this could be add as it’s no big deal (just need to set the ‘publication time to the actual server time :D)


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