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    I think your design for the Estimates and Invoices is beautiful. The one thing that isn’t quite right is the alignment of the sub-total, tax, and total, which don’t line up with the line items above.

    It seems that adding padding-right: 15px; to .lb-totals .vals on line 242 of little-bot-public.css sorts out the sub-total and total, but the tax entry is then aligned to the left instead of to the right.

    I can make it line up by giving the tax value its own CSS class, val-tax, and then adding padding-left: 18px; to that, but I don’t know whether that will work for every tax value. Though, now I look, I don’t see how to set a tax rate anyway.

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  • Plugin Author justinwhall


    I suspect that another plugin or theme is conflicting here. Here is what a default invoice looks like:


    It looks like your image didn’t load, so I can’t see what you intend. But I don’t think you’re right about another plugin or theme interfering. My browser inspector shows only your CSS loading.

    In any event, the totals and tax amounts are aligned with the padding around the line items. My point is that the digits in the tax and totals should be aligned with the digits in the line items above, for which they need some added padding of their own.

    Plugin Author justinwhall


    Here, let’s try this:

    Yes, your image looks exactly as I see it. You can see that the totals don’t line up with the line items above them. The dollars in the Sub Total and Total align with the cents in the line items, and the Tax is aligned to the left instead of to the right.

    The class lb-totals needs to be given some padding to the right, just like the line items, and the tax value needs to be right-aligned.

    Plugin Author justinwhall


    I see. So you’d prefer the totals not to be square to the right side of the container? If so, I think at this is more subjective as I’ve had tickets requesting the current layout. (used to be different)

    In the next release there will be an area for custom template CSS and eventually a way to override templates completely.

    Thanks. I just like all the numbers (line items and totals) to all line up. I think most people (evidently not all, from what you’ve been told by others) find invoices much easier to follow that way.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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