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  • tomyeah



    ive been reading a lot in the forums here. a lot of people have the same problem.

    they want 1 blog to be published on several domains with exactly the same content (except the internal links ofcourse that should always be relative to the actual domain)

    where are the solutions ?
    1. wp could use “only relative links”
    2. automaticly synchronize multiple databases (category/entry) after new post.
    3. automatically parse and rewrite a post, checking for internal links and posting to multiple domain (with blog mirrors).

    just that you dont understand something wrong: its not about using multiple blogs !
    its just about mirroring content correctly and automaticaly !

    is there any solution ?

    is think there are blog clients that allow you to post to multiple blogs simultaniously. but arent there other solutions ?

    ive read questions like “why would you do that?” in other threads, but please, mirroring a site is definately useful and makes sense.

    thanks, regards, tom.

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  • justinbaeder


    One uber-easy solution is to use FeedWordPress to just grab new posts from one blog into the other. The only downside is that nothing would be synchronized – the posts would be the same, but comments and edits wouldn’t be shared.



    RE: 1. wp could use “only relative links”

    Has anyone ever tried to force WordPress to do this before?

    I just changed the WordPress and Blog URI Option settings on a couple of blogs, removing the full URL and providing a relative path–just “/” for one at the site’s root, and “/blog” for another set up in a subdirectory–and besides getting kicked out and requiring to log in again, everything seems to work. It’s possible some function or other expects a full http address, but I haven’t hit it yet.


    1. On the log in issue I had to avoid redirect through wp-login.php into admin.

    2. For site root setup, the slash will disappear from the Options page fields, though it’s there in your database records.

    3. Before trying this make sure to have ready access to your WP database and the options table, in case things go south and you can’t get back in to WordPress. If they do, you’ll need to reset the ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ records; this page shows you how if using phpMyAdmin:



    Ok, realized the first problem here: links in syndication feeds. With some tinkering that could be worked around…



    @kafkaesqui: i think the relative links have to be constructed with php functions like $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] (ofcourse you need to snap the subdomain and absolute server path as well …

    i tried that on a few “wp pages” that i wanted to link relativly.

    i havent looked into the wp-mysql-db, but maybe you could just replace all called mysql urls inside php(just catch the point where the url is loaded into some php var and replace it), since you know the exactly string.

    for the moment id say its the easiest method.

    what do you think ?



    ah, by the way, the cause why blog softwares dont use relative links in general is that you need absolute links in rss feeds. ive read about that on the blogger site. but i mean cant they just rewrite the rss feed code to create absolute links out of the relative ones ?



    tomyeah, as I was pretty certain of–hence the warning about keeping ones db handy–changing the Option URIs to relative ones leads to a few problems (the most obvious being links in feeds). And it could require more source hacking then I like to recommend. So I’m looking at how this works as a plugin. Relative URLs would be set in the plugin while full http addresses retained under Options. This way the plugin can (hopefully) pass full addresses to those features which need it; the is_feed() conditional provides for that for permalinks and such in feeds.

    There’s still a number of kinks I’d like to work through before posting something to test. One roadblock is providing a simple slash (for blogs at site root) doesn’t quite work the same, while an empty value breaks links to the home page (if a blog’s set up in a subdirectory, it work’s great!). I also want to provide an alternative to bloginfo(), so one still has a method to display the full blog address where necessary in templates.



    well a plugin would be most perfect. but im very fresh with wordpress, installed it like 2 days ago. i found it pretty tough to edit stuff from the config core, but customization (themes or page elements) is really easy to do.

    Kafkaesqui i hope you can make it 😉

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