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    I love your plugin for the shipping matrix but I cannot figure out how to get a minimum charge for delivery, if they are under a certain amount of kms away from my shop? How do set a minimum charge?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Simple,

    Assuming you charge a fixed price of €5 within a 5km radius you can set it up as below;
    Row 1 make it”Maximum Distance” = 5km,
    “Distance Cost Type”, select “Fixed”
    “Shipping Rate” €5
    Label = Local

    Row 2 make it make it “Maximum Distance” = 25km (or whatever you choose as maximum distance)
    “Distance Cost Type, select “Per Kilometer”
    “Shipping Rate” €1 (it will select thsi row if distance >7km, it rounds up.
    Label = Non Local

    Hope that helps

    Ok, I see you are in USA, I assume your API will be set for miles, and currency is in dollars.

    I tried to view your site…..it is really slow, I gave up waiting on the rentals to load. I am on a 1000Mbps connection.

    I am in Canada, so we use kms and yes in dollars…

    Sorry about the site, having issues with it.

    Oh didn’t see your other response – ok will try to figure that out and give it a try. Thanks

    Thank you, that worked!

    Last question, the shipping area of the cart page looks messy. I don’t know if its your plugin or another setting somewhere else (I am also using booster for WooCommerce) but this is what it looks like in the shipping part on the cart page:

    Estimate for 44 Sidare Court , , Grimsby , {province} , L3M 4E8 , Canada.

    – There is an empty space because there is no unit number, so it just reads , ,
    – It says {province} instead of the actual province of Ontario

    How can I pretty this up? Any idea what is causing this?

    Turn on the debug mode.

    I use a plugin to manage the shipping address page, I cannot recall the name of plugin. Basically putting a site together for my partners florist business so don’t have huge knowledge of different plugins and names.

    Debug mode gave me a ton of info that I don’t understand. Like at all! So thanks anyhow, not sure how to make it clearer.

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    Could you please deactivate the WooReer plugin and see if the cart page still look messy or not?


    It is still messy when I deactivate the plugin. Thanks for checking…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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