• I have been using the Mini Orange plugin for over half a year. But because my phone was broken, I deactivated this plugin. When I got a new phone, I couldn’t activate the plugin again.

    I reached out to the support team and got great help from Mintu Kumar today.

    And that was really not an easy task for him because at first we were unable to get in touch. I heard Mintu, but Mintu couldn’t hear me.

    In the end we made contact in 2 ways. Via the invitation from Mintu and via an invitation from me via ZOOM.

    Then Mintu was finally able to do his job and he helped me quickly and professionally.

    Really great that Mintu has not given up, that he has been so patient!

    And I am very happy with the end result! I can use the Google Authenticator app again when logging in to my website.


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