[resolved] [Minor UI Tweak] Menu font weight (2 posts)

  1. justnorris
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Since the new design is flattish, I find that this works a lot better than the current settings:

    #adminmenu div.wp-menu-name {
      font-weight: 100;
      padding: 8px 12px 8px 0;
      letter-spacing: 0.05em;

    It's a minor, subtle thing, but I think it would increase the readability a bit.

  2. Matt (Thomas) Miklic
    Posted 2 years ago #

    We've reserved the light weight of Open Sans for limited uses such as headlines for the purposes of cross-platform readability. The lightest weight available, 300, renders with a 1px stroke on Windows XP with font smoothing disabled, and can impact legibility as a result.

    Regarding letter-spacing it's actually not doing anything at this small of a size (0.05em being less than 1px, which can't really be adjusted on screen) but it gives me a chance to quote a great typographer: "A man who would letterspace lowercase would steal sheep" — Frederic Goudy http://webtypography.net/Rhythm_and_Proportion/Horizontal_Motion/2.1.7/ :)

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