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    I have a small problem where I can’t seem to can’t get out.

    I have posts which are listed on the frontpage, which are devided over 4 categories. These posts have no link to the actual post itself, I just list the content on the frontpage and it links to a page which contains a gallery or a video.

    So in my sidebar are links to the different categories, which list both the videos and galleries in that category.

    But I would also like to filter all galleries and all videos, WITHOUT showing these 2 categories anywhere (besides for the buttons I create in the header)

    I want to list in which category any post is, but I don’t want it to show whether it’s in category video or gallery.

    Does anybody know a solution for this ?

    btw the cat visibility plugin has no use for this since I can hide the name of the category with but not the number of posts which are in it, so i’ll get an empty line with just the number of posts in brackets.

    plus it doesn’t hide the cat listing underneath the post

    I just thought of a possible solution but i’m not sure if this works and if so how.

    Is there an option to have 2 categories listed at the same time ?

    then I would create 2 parent categories named video and gallery and have similar galleries as child.

    so if I want to see all posts in both equally named cats can I ‘pull’ both of them on 1 page ?

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