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  • Upon deactivation, this message incorrectly emits…

    One or more files could not be deleted. These files and directories must be made writeable:

    First try fixing the directory permissions with this command and refresh this page:

    chmod 777 /sites/drf/

    If you still see this error, you have to fix the permissions on the files themselves and refresh this page again:

    chmod 666 /sites/drf/
    Don’t forgot to fix things later:
    chmod 755 /sites/drf/

    If you don’t know what chmod is use this Google search to find out all about it.

    Please refresh this page when the permissions have been modified.

    This is incorrect, as…

    1) /sites/drf/ should never be deleted.

    2) /sites/drf/ is always deleted.

    Doing nothing + hitting refresh always removes message + be great to fix this code so messages only emit when there’s really a problem.

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