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  • Dear Bigcommerce team!

    We are in the planing stage of migrating a 6k products e-commerce store to a new infrastructure. We currently have 150.000 page views a year and are growing with around 40% a year.
    As our base website is built with wordpress we are thinking about migrating also the shop system to wordpress.

    The wordpress Problems:
    – Speed
    – Security
    – Server load / scalability
    – Search

    Finding your product seems to be the perfect fit for these issues.
    Since I am not sure what is already offered by the wordpress plugin, I want to be sure to get it right:
    1.) Your plugin is NOT storing more than product images, product descriptions, metadata and availability within the wordpress database.
    2.) Your plugin is NEVER storing Customers data (like orders) within wordpress.
    3.) The product detail pages are fully customizable via the shortcuts, therefore I can use page builders like elementor as my frontend styling tool

    4.) checkout and similar pages can also be styled via Theme styling
    5.) Customer-User login works by authentication via the bigcommerce backend NOT via the wordpress backend (database).
    6.) SEARCH of products is done via the BigCommerce API, NOT via the WordPress native search (=biggest painpoint for big stores)

    Hope you help us set our expectation right.


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  • Plugin Support Topher


    Hey Daniel! I have good news for you. 🙂 To answer your questions directly:

    1. Correct, only product data is stored in WP.
    2. Correct, no customer or order data is stored in WP.
    3. The plugin follows the normal WP template hierarchy and comes with a complete set of templates. Additionally, page builders like Elementor work great. Beaver Builder is in the process of building in custom support, so you can build and save templates.
    4. The only part that you don’t have full control over is the embedded iframe of the checkout. Because it’s an iframe it’s harder to style. That said, as the developer you’re able to inject JS and CSS into the iframe, so you can do quite a bit. It’s just different.
    5. Customer logins are synced between BC and WP. If a NEW customer creates an account then it’s created both in WP and BC. If an existing customer logs into WP for the first time, they auth against BC and a WP account is magically created for them. That said, the ONLY user data stored in WP is standard WP data, there aren’t any custom fields holding BC data.
    6. Search is NOT done on BC, it’s in WP. I know the default search is miserable, so we’ve coordinated with SearchWP to have custom BC support, so you can get really solid BC support with weighted search, sort by relevance, etc.

    Bonus info: We’ve worked with FacetWP for excellent faceted search and also WP Rocket for caching, both have built-in BC support.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    5. Only WP user account data is stored. So on login BC is pulling data of the user to the WP database or just pulling to the client side? Is there some documentation of what data is stored by BC in there WP database?

    6. That’s probably the biggest issue we will face. Having a scalable and fast search tool is essential for our eCommerce business. I have no experience with the tools you suggested. Is there any benchmarking / testing done on your side?

    thanks again for the fast reply and I hope to see this product continuously being developed. It is for sure a very demanding issue you are solving for a lot of SMBs out there!
    As the development progresses I hope the negative reviews from the early adapters will get less and I am sure there will be a reason for a higher rating!


    Plugin Support Topher


    5. No special BC userdata is stored in WP. So there’d be an email address sync, but only because standard WP requires an email address for each user. A user can log into WordPress and go to an Account page and see their own BC data, but it’s pulled via API, so it’s still not stored in WP.

    6. I did some general testing with SearchWP and was happy with the results, but it wasn’t a scientific test with benchmarks or anything. The developer of SearchWP is very responsive and could probably answer more questions.

    We currently release a new version very 3 weeks, so there’s constant development with new features and bug fixes. The github repo is open, so you could check it out and watch how things progress.

    We’re also very open to feature requests, so if there’s something you need please let us know.



    Hello again!

    Since we are in the buying process now, I have some additional questions:
    1) How does Bulk Pricing work with BC for wordpress? (do volume prices per individual products work?)
    2) How does custom pricing per user group work?
    3) Do affiliate link integrations like “Goaffpro” work?
    4) Does multi language support with plugins like WPML work (with custom url slugs)?
    5) Do these custom links to add to cart work?


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    Plugin Support Topher


    1. It should, but I need to research to be sure.
    2. In WordPress, user groups aren’t functioning yet. It’s on our roadmap, and the user group data is exposed in the API, and even pulled into WordPress, so if you need something soon a developer could probably make things work great.
    3. This would also need some custom work because the checkout is on a different domain. That said, it wouldn’t be that hard, the Cart API is quite powerful.
    4. I know it works with Weglot, and it SHOULD work with WPML just fine.
    5. My testing shows no, but it would be a good feature request.




    1. It should, but I need to research to be sure.

    Could you find out? Is there a shortcut to display the price list/bulk pricing somehow? Or how is bulk pricing displayed?

    And can I find your roadmap somewhere visually? So I see what will be the next features which are currently implemented?

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