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    I have a product with multiple options but with one of the options the minimum order quantity should be 5, instead of 1.

    For example… the first question (option) is if the customer would like to order a complete unit or a specific size (meter). In case of the specific size option, the Woocommerce quantity field is used for the number of meters but in this case the minimum quantity should be 5 (meter).

    If this example wouldn’t be possible maybe it would be possible to hide the Woocommerce quantity box and use a text-field for the quantity but in this case I would need to use 2 quantity fields. One for the ‘order a complete unit’ option and 1 for the ‘order a specific size’ option.

    Hopefully my explanation make sense and this would be possible in some way.

    Best regards.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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