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  1. newbie@this
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    Hi all,

    So I'm starting my first blog: http://www.eduspeculator.com

    I'm using the minimalist theme by techdesigns.

    I've barely used CSS and HTML, but have started to customise it - but some things which logically make sense are not working.
    Also, it's not cross-browser compatible when customised - can you help me please?

    I've listed the questions below:

    1. Lessen the space between the header and the top of the page. I've tried doing this and it doesn't work for me.
    2. Change the header/subheader font colors - I've tried using CSS but no go.
    3. Change the font color of the sidebar menu - same thing.
    4. Change the 'contact me' link to be the same as the others - i'm sure that this is just applying the same DIV, but after doing that it didn't work.
    5. I'm going to make a link called tags. When it's clicked on, I want several tag clouds to be present - eg, 3 clouds in various areas on the main area, grouped by link popularity. Is this possible?
    6. Add a cross-browser compatible liquid footer - I achieved this for Firefox, but it didn't show up in ie6. There seems to be this left hand column that i can't find that is stopping the liquid footer from fully showing in ie6.
    7. See the div with 14% in it on the homepage? Put this at the absolute top right of all pages. Make it link to the 'my stats thusfar' category.
    8. Change the posted/categories/tags/comments section, at the bottom of a post, from being uppercase bold to lowercase bold, and change the font.
    9. Change the top/bottom divider from the .............. (fullstops) to being an image of my choice.
    10. Add a blurb at the top of each page that stays there, irrespective of the post being added.
    11. Make everything cross-browser (Firefox/ie6.0) compatible.

    Thanks all, i'd really appreciate your help - apologies for all the q's!

    I know nothing about WordPress, barely anything about CSS, but just want to start my blog.



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