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  • I’m actually building my website using the Minimalist theme from techdesigns and I wonder if it’s possible to put a background image.
    I’ve already created my background picture and I put it into the style.css – But something is wrong, probably because of the javascript part ? (I don’t know anything in Java)

    So my background loads properly, but it duplicate itself from the bottom of the sidebar (and so it moves with the acordeon sidebar movement)

    Hope you understand what’s happen, not sure if it’s clear enough, but anyway, is it possible to put a background image instead of all the background colour ? and how ?

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    Unless you provide a link to a page demonstrating the problem, no one will be able to offer much in the way of specific help.

    I’m working in local with Mamp, so I can’t provide links – but I just wonder if someone have ever tried to put an image in background instead of just a colour



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    I’ve used background images. Not in that theme but in many others. It sounds as if you’re either applying the image to the wrong element (use the <body> or <html> elements if at all possible) or perhaps you need to add background-repeat:no-repeat; to the background CSS.

    Already in the <body> with the no-repeat =(

    It’s because each of the “colour” options has its own CSS. I got around this problem by removing the “Customise” section from the “sidebar.php”.

    Then you need to log in to your FTP and copy or move the “white.css” file from “wp-content/themes/minimalist/styles” to the “wp-content/themes/minimalist” folder.

    Then you need to edit the “header.php” and remove the “/styles” bit from before the “white.css” link.

    Once you’ve done that, you should be able to edit the “white.css” via the appearance editor as normal.

    Of course, if you want to keep all the different colour options then don’t remove the menu but copy ALL of the .css files into the other folder.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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