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  • Well, it’s not a blog, but wordpress is used to manage the news section and parts of the link section too. I would be happy to know if you like it. 🙂
    It’s at minimal design
    Thanks for any comments and/or suggestions you might have!

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  • Tell you what, I love the minimalist approach, very smooth very clean. Not so sure about the box at the top, but I really dig your use of colours. Good typography as well, which honestly is a pretty rare thing.

    I like minimalistic designs, and this one is fairly good I think (I’m not an expert), although I sometimes get painfull eyes from too much white. Although I really like white as the base color. Perhaps I should consider buying a TFT monitor?
    I’m planning on rebuilding my site to sometime like black and white with just a few color accents…

    Looking good, me likes muchly too 🙂 (the only thing I hate in that site is full width layout, rest is just perfect).
    Best Regards, MaxT

    nice, I really like it!

    Full width layout is OK, but the text/content should not be wider than appr. 500px.

    thanks guys for the feedback!
    I especially appreciate the negative comments like the fixed width thing. Not that I’m particularly masochistic, but that’s the kinda thing that gets me thinking in new/different direction and eventually come up with something better…
    I don’t necessarily agree that text has to be fixed width, but I’m definitly going to consider the option.
    Thanks again!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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